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Thoughtful Financial Management Personalized to 

Your Life

Comprehensive Financial Advice
Tailored to You and Your Family

Everything that we do at Daintree supports our belief that clients benefit most when they are empowered to gain insight and understanding of their family values, personal and financial situations, and generational aspirations. We strive to create long-lasting relationships with clients, serving them through dedicated teams who understand their values, personal situation, and goals.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Daintree’s professionals partner with clients and their trusted advisors to develop and implement complex, holistic strategies that have positive impact for current and future generations.

Learn more about our "See the Forest" process.

Estate and Legacy Planning

  • Estate tax projections and strategies
  • Charitable and philanthropic planning
  • Legacy planning
  • Wealth transfer

Risk Management

  • Coordinating insurance reviews
  • Life insurance needs analysis
  • Long term care planning
  • Adequacy of liability coverage
  • Asset titling

Cash Flow Management

  • Income and expense analysis
  • Multiyear projections
  • Coordinating periodic withdrawals
  • Creating and maintaining cash reserves
  • Strategies for saving

Income Tax Planning

  • Simplifying data collection
  • Review tax projections
  • Coordination with accountants

Retirement Planning

  • Scenario planning
  • Retirement funding analysis
  • Social security analysis
  • Stock options
  • Executive compensation
  • Employer benefits


  • Goal setting
  • Financial planning and tax analysis
  • Mediation, collaborative law, and litigation support
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Practitioners

Investment Advisory

Daintree engages in deep conversations with clients and their other advisors, incorporating family plans and long-term goals into investment decisions.

Learn more about our Investment Advisory Process.

Investment Policy & Strategy

  • Growth
  • Capital appreciation
  • Risk tolerance
  • Time horizon
  • Liquidity needs
  • Tax assessment/tax-efficient market capture
  • Client objectives
  • SRI/ESG considerations
  • Capital market assumptions
  • Asset allocation
  • Direct indexing
  • Values and faith-based investing

Portfolio Construction & Tactics

  • Manager selection & due diligence
  • Access to top-tier managers
  • Asset location determination
  • Customized portfolio creation and oversight
  • Active/passive analysis
  • Fee assessment
  • Capital gain/loss monitoring
  • Tactical modifications
  • Trading and rebalancing

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Investment oversight of multiple accounts
  • Adherence to investment policy
  • Performance measurement
  • Manager evaluation

Consolidated Reporting

  • Online portfolio dashboard
  • Document vault
  • Quarterly reports
  • Investment commentary

Personal Dashboard

Using state-of-the-art technology, Daintree Compass financial management software consolidates your finances, making it easy to view and monitor your total financial picture in one easy-to-access, secure location. Do you know where everything is and what everything is worth? If you don’t, you should. If you want to know, you can. Now you can see everything you own, all in one place: a private and secure location where all your data is consolidated into one clear picture of you. Your personal financial website makes getting organized simple. Each day, your balance is recalculated to keep you up to date as your account values change. To help you stay on track, you can create a monthly budget, understand your spending habits, and monitor your progress. You can see your bottom line at any time. Automatic alerts track changes in your accounts. If there’s a problem or an opportunity, we’ll know about it.

At Daintree Advisors, we understand the difficulty that clients face in making sense of the many moving, interconnected parts of their lives, and how challenging it can be to pull back and “See the Forest.”

Use of technology to deliver service

Client portal

Daintree Compass

Family Office Services

Wealthy, complex families need top-flight asset management, estate, philanthropic, and financial planning to attain simplification and financial security.

Generally, our Family Office clients have at least $20m in investable assets. In addition to all the services available to our other clients, Daintree’s Family Office clients receive a dedicated Family Office Services Team which provides operational support, transparency, and superior service.

Let us help you "See the Forest."

Integrated Services and Advice

  • Cash management and client bill pay services
  • Capital calls and distributions
  • Household staff management
  • Income tax coordination and planning projections
  • Balance sheet creation

Family Meetings and Governance

  • Multi-generational conversations
  • Discussions around family history, core values, and mission
  • Family retreats focused on wealth and generational concerns
  • Ongoing investment oversight
  • Adherence to investment policy
  • Performance measurement/consolidated reporting
  • Manager evaluation

Centralized Organization of Client Information

  • Online vault for family documents
  • Tax documents
  • Estate planning documents
  • Investment statements
  • Multiple asset documents (real estate, marine, aviation, artwork)

Coordination of Advisors

  • Summary of idea proposals
  • Status reports on implementation
  • Family members and advisors kept up to date
  • Reduction in duplication of provider services


Our fees must be transparent and a compelling value for each client. We base our fee quotes on both the level of responsibility and the amount of time required to serve you. The great majority of clients pay for comprehensive wealth management services that include investment advice, financial planning, and our technology tools. This comprehensive package normally costs a maximum of 1% annually of investment assets. For larger portfolios, the percentage fee drops lower. Our services also may be priced a la carte, with the investment advice normally priced at 0.50% annually and a separate fixed fee charged for financial planning and family office services.




FIxed or asset-based

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