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See the Forest

Through Ongoing Reflection

A Process to Identify and Move Towards Your Vision

Our "See the Forest" process facilitates ongoing conversations to define your vision, core values, and key goals. By regularly revisiting what is most important to you, we make sure you keep your forest—your big-picture vision and goals—in clear view throughout each financial decision.

The Guiding Framework to
"See the Forest" of Your Financial Aspirations

Step One

Develop a Continuous Focus

Through our in-depth conversations, we facilitate ongoing conversations that draw out your long-term objectives for yourself, your family, and your evolving financial needs.

Step Two

Ask Meaningful Questions

By talking through your life story and reflecting on what your objectives might be, our job is to focus, listen, and then tailor our work to develop a clearer picture of your goals and help you achieve them.

Step Three

Create Specific Action Steps

Daintree helps clients formulate a concrete plan which sets out the tactical steps needed to achieve their goals. Frequently, we partner with our clients’ other advisors to provide actionable recommendations.

Step Four

Keep Track of Progress

We believe that true performance is measured best by the progress a family makes toward their most important goals. We enable clients to keep track of the progress they’ve made on each goal throughout the year, referring back always to their family’s vision and values to ensure that those goals remain in alignment with the big picture. This is how clients “See the Forest.”

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