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Investment Advisory

Step One

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”

— Lewis Carroll

This instructive quote from Alice in Wonderland illustrates that even the most expert investment advice will fail if it is not first aimed at the right target. Daintree’s investment advice starts with comprehensive planning that clarifies your priorities and maps a realistic path for achieving them. This groundwork is the foundation for your investment success and acts as the strategic anchor for creating a portfolio that aligns with your unique investor profile.

Step Two

Having clear goals and plans also helps stay focused on the intersection of portfolio considerations that matter and that you can control. Our philosophy is unique in comparison to the dominant investment narrative fueled by media personalities and institutional perspectives, whom often downplay the profound impact risk, taxes, costs, conflicts of interest, and time-frame have on portfolio outcomes. We seek to focus clients on these controllable matters of importance as a tool to optimize performance and add long-term value.

Venn diagram

What Investors Focus On

The above drawing by Carl Richards makes an important truth so simple. Consider how it applies to investing:


Level of Importance

Level of Investor's Control

Conflicts of interest



Investment risk



Income taxes



Investment expenses



Investment performance



Macroeconomic factors



Step Three

Our approach often leans heavily on direct indexing for public equities, which are held in a separately managed account in your name. In addition to offering you market returns with substantial tax savings at low cost, direct indexing holdings can be customized to align with your personal values (ESG, faith-based, or whatever is most important to you). In addition to separately managed accounts in your name, we also utilize private funds and more conventional vehicles such as exchange-traded and mutual funds. We sit on your side of the table and find the solution that offers you the highest potential return at the lowest cost and risk for your unique circumstances.

Step Four

Grounding all of our investment advice is our veteran, in-house investment committee composed of professionals with long-tenured experience and expertise. We are adept at portfolio strategies and implementations that align with each client and flex with your unique goals and circumstances. Always seeking to stay abreast of best thinking and portfolio tools, we leverage our deep experience and myriad connections to gain access to preeminent investment managers, research and technology providers, consultants, and thought leaders. We maintain a close working relationship with our primary research partner, an investment consultant with over $60 billion in assets under advisement.

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