Estate Planning

Daintree’’s approach evaluates each family’’s wealth transfer goals utilizing cutting-edge strategies. We provide clients with estate tax projections, review current documents, and assess the benefits to be derived from available estate planning techniques as well as keeping clients up-to-date on legislation and evolving planning strategies.

Multi-Generational Planning

Wealth passing from one generation to the next requires careful planning. Taxes are a factor, but the impact of wealth on the next generation must be considered. We assist clients as they have frank discussions about their core values, enabling them to create a family mission statement to serve as a guide for future generations.

Income Tax Planning

Income tax considerations are integral to excellent investing and overall wealth management. Daintree works with clients’ attorneys and accountants to simplify tax data collection, reporting, and planning.

Cash Flow Management

A strong cash management strategy is required for the success of an overall financial plan. Daintree prepares cash flow models to project the results of core strategy as well as other “what if” scenarios such as retirement funding, wealth transfer, educational costs, and philanthropic donations.

Asset Protection

We help clients to protect their assets from income and transfer taxes.  We also focus on overall asset protection, assessing the adequacy of liability coverage and ensuring correct titling of assets. We counsel clients needing domestic asset protection trusts or off-shore strategies.


Clients today are faced with a broad selection of giving vehicles, each with unique requirements and deductibility rules. Daintree partners with families to help them implement their philanthropic goals. We can assist in the formulation of a giving strategy, whether it is a direct one-time gift or a multi-generational family foundation.