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A Dynamic Group of Clients

We serve clients just like you.

Whether you are an individual with $2 million in investable assets or a family office with over $1 billion,
our team specializes in working with clients just like you and can customize our work to meet your needs.

Our Clients

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Business Owners, Executives, & Professionals

As a business owner, balancing your personal finances along with your business’ well-being is complex. We’re here to discuss your aspirations and clarify your personal financial picture. When it comes to your business, we can also work with your team to help them make sense of their benefits.

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Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Whether you’re currently enjoying your post-career years or are preparing for retirement, together we’ll take a look at your sources and uses of cash and orchestrate all other aspects of your finances. By demonstrating how you can meet your lifestyle needs, you will feel prepared for retirement and understand what assets you may be able to pass to future generations.

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Investment Professionals

Daintree’s investment staff has prior money management industry experience and decades of serving investment professionals and their families. This means we understand and know how to help them achieve their big-picture financial goals. Investment professional clients not only understand what we do, they appreciate how we work with them to consider taxes, align their investment portfolio with their long-term goals, provide financial education to their family members, and lead them through the process of consolidating and growing their assets while considering their liabilities.

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Those Going Through Major Life Events

Our team has extensive experience to help you through transitions in your life. No matter what major life changes you are facing, we have the tools and skills to help you successfully navigate them. Whether you are selling a business, buying a home, getting married, received or are about to receive an inheritance, recently lost a loved one, are going through a divorce, are struggling with a disability, or caring for aging parents, we can help.

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Individuals & Families

Our work together always begins with a big-picture, financial planning perspective: what do you want your wealth to accomplish? Your goals lead the way as we develop customized strategies for you and your family. Whether you would like to include subsequent generations in your financial plan or you are looking to take an in-depth look at your personal financial situation, we’ll develop integrated strategies for your exact needs.

Client Stories

Sound Like You?