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New Partners of Daintree Thumbnail

New Partners of Daintree

Daintree is pleased to announce that Alex Gross and Sam Afari-Aikins have become shareholders and Partners of Daintree effective January 1. This grows the number of Daintree Partners from six to eight. You can see bios for Alex and Sam and the rest of our Daintree team here. Alex and Sam have made such a difference for our clients and our staff and will continue to do so for years to come. This is another sign of good things happening at Daintree, even during the pandemic. At this point we have been working remotely for nearly ten months. Probably like you, we are past ready to rip off our masks and reunite with friends, but we also realize this challenge has been a catalyst for learning, innovating and growing our business. Thank you for your tremendous support and understanding through this time. You are our motivation. Please stay safe and we look forward to when we can see you again in person.

Please join us in congratulating Sam and Alex.