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Join Our Diverse Ecosystem

Daintree is a boutique wealth management firm that provides client-centric, comprehensive wealth management services to a broad range of clients. Our work encompasses all areas where our clients’ lives and wealth intersect. Our purpose is to help our clients preserve, grow, enjoy, and transfer wealth consistent with their unique goals and values.

Daintree is intensely client-focused, but we are also focused on a matter of equal importance, our people. We understand that we cannot provide first-class client service without professionals who are wholly dedicated to helping others “See the Forest.” Just as every organism plays a vital role in a rainforest, every Daintree professional is key to helping our clients flourish.

Whether you are a college student seeking an internship or an experienced professional searching for your next challenge, Daintree is always looking for talented individuals who see the world differently and provide innovative solutions to complex problems. We believe our success is built out of a diversity of people, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas working towards a common end.

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Sharing in Client Success Photo
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Sharing in Client Success

Employee perspective from William Speciale, Partner and Senior Client Advisor

William Speciale, Partner and Senior Client Advisor, shares his thoughts...

what do you find most fulfilling about working at daintree?

Being part of a client's success is very fulfilling to me. It means we did our best, our client is satisfied and appreciative, and we can get to work on the next challenge.

what does "see the forest" mean to you?

To me it means being a knowledgeable, aware and proactive advisor who can both understand a client’s big picture, and help them implement specific strategies to achieve their goals.  Our clients invest their trust in us, which is an awesome responsibility, so it is incumbent upon us to fully understand what is most important to them, marshal all our resources to advise them, and adjust course as their lives and the world around us changes.  

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Growing Through Teamwork Photo
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Growing Through Teamwork

Employee perspective from Janie Monroe, Associate Client Advisor

People hiking

Janie Monroe, Associate Client Advisor, shares her thoughts...

What do you find most fulfilling about working at Daintree?

While Daintree is smaller in terms of the number of employees, our team approach in working with clients allows us to accomplish a lot. Every day presents new challenges and I know I am not alone. I have access to the right resources and support so I can grow and become a leader.

What does “See the Forest” mean to you?

Daintree’s "See the Forest" process means taking a step back and looking at the big picture. This approach results in us helping our clients be more proactive in their financial lives rather than reactive, allowing our clients to focus on what is most important to them.

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Articulating Values & Goals Photo
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Articulating Values & Goals

Employee perspective from Alex Gross, Partner and Senior Client Advisor

Alex Gross, Partner and Senior Client Advisor, shares his thoughts...

What do you find most fulfilling about working at Daintree?

The most fulfilling part about working at Daintree is the collaborative approach we take in serving our clients.  We all have unique backgrounds and skills we bring to the table and being able to utilize these different experiences for a common goal, all while learning along the way, is extremely rewarding.

What does “See the Forest” mean to you?

Helping a client “See the Forest” is about getting them to define and articulate their vision of a fulfilling life.  What makes them tick?  What makes them happy?  It’s then our goal to ensure that they get there.

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