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Investment & Wealth Management

Since 2010

About Daintree

Daintree Advisors is an independent investment and wealth management firm owned by its staff. We believe that long-term independence is crucial to ongoing excellence and objectivity.

Since 2010, Daintree Advisors has provided every client with a personalized investment and wealth management experience. We work closely with individuals and families managing over $1 billion for our clients. Our diverse and dynamic team takes great care to meet you where you are and get you to where you want to be.

Our mission is to help clients "See the Forest," so that they can identify and attain their goals. With excellence, innovation, and conscience at the forefront, Daintree is focused on the long-term benefit of clients, staff, and the world.

Clients access Daintree's dynamic expertise and services through a lasting advisory relationship built on integrity, responsiveness, and trust.

Our Approach

True Fiduciary

Our fiduciary commitment means that your interests come first. Daintree sells no products, takes no commissions, and makes no compromises. Our only source of revenue are fees from our clients which are calculated accurately and transparently. We are subject to the Fiduciary Standard and we minimize any conflicts of interest, fully disclosing whatever remains.


Daintree seeks to be responsible in all that we do. We are on the cutting edge of responsible investing, helping our clients express their values through their portfolios and their philanthropy. Daintree also invests its expertise and staff time in the community. Please ask us about it!

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You can see it in their faces. Our staff are over 17% African-American, over 26% non-white, and over 40% female. (For comparison, according to the CFP® Board, CFP® professionals are less than 4% black or Latino combined and less than 25% female.)

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Daintree is fully owned and controlled by employees and maintains full independence from any bank, broker dealer, insurance company, or custodian.

Get to Know The Meaning Behind Our Name

Daintree Advisors became the name of our firm as it pleasingly evokes a forest, just as we wanted. It is not just any forest. The Daintree Rainforest is a place of tremendous history, biodiversity, and complexity. This offers rich symbolism for what we do.

We chose "See the Forest" as our tagline, a fitting metaphor to express the way that we help our clients to step back and gain perspective.

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